Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 26, 2014

It is starting to feel like Spring might actually show up at our house this week.

Our robins are here and singing their evening song. One of my most favorite nature experiences.

I love that they sit in the very tops of the trees (so much easier to find them) and sing their hearts out. No better song could accompany the setting of the sun.

Today I had to do some more re-potting. I needed to do a whole lot, but I ran out of dirt, so I re-potted my jalapeno peppers, bull nose peppers and my amish paste tomatoes. That added about 18 more pots to my little table. I absolutely love seeing these things take off. The growth and health that we will be able to appreciate and eventually harvest is so much fun to watch.

Some of the pepper plants I re-potted.

The table is filling up.

Yesterday the porch was finally clear of snow, so I was able to get out there and sweep it off. It was piling up with wood chunks and saw dust from our firewood that we store on it. It really felt good to get out there and do that. We have running water in our frost free by the chicken coop again! Yea! Its a step in the right direction. At least now we don't have to take the water tank to town every other day to fill it up. We were able to run a hose from the frost free to the tank and we can keep it full that way now. Still no water to the main system, but I am sure if this warmer weather holds up (55* yesterday!!!) it won't be much longer. 

As a side note, I happily found the sound track to Anne of Green Gables the other day and I tell you what, it is the perfect music to enjoy as we welcome Spring to our home. It is very cheering and uplifting. I sense a movie marathon for the girls and I in the near future. :-)

School is moving right along. Wesley seems to be getting over his severe dislike for writing, so that is a huge win for us for this school year. It has been such a battle the last couple years. But we are seeing much light at the end of that tunnel. Praise God. 
*On a side note to that, I highly recommend the book called "Educating the Well Trained Mind." There is so much good and helpful information in there.*

Not much else to report here. Just the regular every day stuff to do.

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 22, 2014

First, I am happy to say that I did get my bread done two days ago. Yay for  fresh bread. Meghan bribed me a little. "Mom, if I do all the dishes  will you make us homemade bread?" We had been given a few loaves of that bread that has all the nuts and such in it and it is not Meghan's favorite. So since we have no running water, and we were still waiting for our new pump to show up (which we now have!!!) washing dishes is quite a big ordeal. So she did the dishes, and I made 16 loaves of bread. I sold 4 and gave away 2. We should be good in the bread department for a while :-)

When I went down to the pantry to get the flour to make bread, I found 3 onions that were starting to get soft, so I decided to dice them up and threw them in the dehydrator. Boy did the house smell GOOD! Between the baking bread and the drying onion it was heavenly.

I did finally get my recipes all transferred over to my recipe box and I found all kinds of fun recipes that I haven't made it quite a while. Last night I decided to make Bacon and Egg soup served in homemade bread bowls. It was a major hit. Everyone enjoyed it. I was told that I definitely had to make it again. I was surprised at how easy it was to make the bread bowls. I just took my easy french bread recipe (the prairie homestead) and divided it into 5 equal parts, shaped them into balls and baked them. The crust on the french bread held out really well to the broth of the soup. My family loves homemade bread, so this was well accepted by everyone. And, did I mention it was EASY!

Today, Hadassa is with Donald doing her field course for hunters safety class. She was so excited for this that she woke up the first time at 6:00 AM. Silly girl. But I am glad that she is enjoying it. I should have some pictures for tomorrow's post. 
Have a blessed day.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hello Spring....

On this first day of Spring, I sit in my cozy house, knowing its 28* outside and the snow is gently falling. We have accumulated almost two inches since last night (on top of the 6" we accumulated 3 nights ago) and it doesn't look like its going to let up very soon. I am spending the morning looking at things that actually remind me of Spring as I am feeling a bit down this morning. I did learn a new word today:

Agrarian: Of or relating to farm or farming, characteristics of farmers or their way of life, organized or designed to promote agricultural interests.

After I found this word, and the meaning thereof, I looked it up on pinterest and there are some amazing boards under this title. That is where I am today.
You can see the view from my desk in the picture above. Also you can see how big my garlic is getting. Though they look a bit wilted from insufficient watering yesterday. I've already transplanted my tomatoes once since I started them. I am beginning to think that I am going to quickly run out of space if I can not get some of this stuff in the ground in a month. The ground is still frozen solid and we still have no running water. But, I am happy as long as I can have a day now and then to waste away enjoying the beauty of nature and Spring, even if it is through pins on other peoples boards on pinterest....

Enjoy your first day of Spring!

P.S. Just so you all know, I will be making 16 loaves of bread today, so I will accomplish something productive. :-)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 18, 2014

Yesterday and today have been exciting as I have conquered a project that has been hanging over my head for probably 5 years or more. The dreaded recipe organization. I did really well with this right after I was married. All my recipes were written on index cards and stored in a card box. Then, somewhere I got the idea that I wanted my recipes in a pretty three ringed binder. That was the beginning of the chaos. I started so many different ways of organizing those recipes in different sized binders and such that nothing got finished and finding my recipes was never easy. So yesterday I decided it was time to go back to old faithful, where everything was easy to find and chaos is nonexistent. My husband had made me a lovely recipe box quite a few years ago, so I pulled that out and dusted it off. I made a template for recipe cards on my microsoft publisher and cut out a ton of those. I also made some pretty dividers out of some old patterned file folders I have kept "just in case." Then I got to work rewriting all those recipes on my new recipe cards. Whew, what a lot of work. But boy does it feel good to be organized. I even found some old favorite recipes that we haven't had for way too long. Those will be made this week! Here are some pictures of the project.

This was the mess I started with. Yes, that pile of papers is all of my recipes.

This is the box my hubby made with the divider cards labeled inside. The file folders I cut up are there on the side.

Towards the end of the project. The pile of recipes to transfer to cards is much smaller now and you can actually see the surface of the desk area. To the right are the recipe cards I made before I cut them all out.

I have just a few more recipes to transfer over, but this project is pretty much completed. What a great feeling it is to accomplish something that has been hanging around for so long. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

March 7, 2014

Some fun things happening today. I took a walk up to our cistern to see if anything was thawing up there and there are large pools of water forming. As I walked down the creek, there were quite a few places that had flowing water. This is great news. Hopefully if the weather keeps up, we should be back to our normal water system soon. So looking forward to this. I am thankful for the way water has been provided for us over this last month, (yes, we have been without normal running water for a month now) but I am ready to be back to normal. This was a good trial for us though. It helps us know how to plan for the future if this happens again. From what we have found out, this is an about once every 15-20 year happening. Who knows. But we will be better prepared next time.

And on to another exciting note, my starts are doing quite well. I am very excited for the garden this year. Hopefully we will have enough room for all that I have planned. We are building up the garden area as we go, so I am guessing what I will have room for at the beginning of the season. I have another month to wait until I can start the rest of the seeds, but in about 3 weeks if the ground is clear of snow and not sopping wet, I will be able to plant all the cold weather crops. I am really looking forward to getting my hands in the dirt. I have a huge gardening/landscaping board on pinterest that has been feeding my dreaming for this year. I am really looking forward to putting some of those ideas to use.

Some of the tomato's and the artichokes will be ready to move to larger pots soon. How I love watching these things grow and change every day.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 6, 2014

So it has been an interesting couple of weeks. We finally got steady water from a water tank and pump. All is working quite well. Its nice to take showers in our own home again. (though we are extremely grateful to those who gave us the use of their showers and laundry rooms) Things look like they are starting to thaw/melt this morning.

This is our pond in the front yard. It is kind of ugly, but we are okay with that as that amount of water means possible break up. Today Donald and Wesley will be in town at work all day as Wesley has Karate tonight. So it's a quiet day for the girls and I at home. I have some reading for Sunday School that I want to get caught up on and make some peanut butter bars. The sun is trying to shine today, so hopefully it will be another warm day. Yesterday got up to 44* and it was wonderful!!!

Our view this morning...

I almost forgot, one of the very exciting things that happened for us. Donald and Wesley took a trip to Spokane for a training class for the shop and came home as proud owners of a new-to-us vehicle. We have been the owners of a single vehicle for many months now. It was doable, and a blessing to have the extra monies when we sold our previous vehicle, but it is always easier with two, so we are very thankful for this new edition. It is a 2007 Toyota Sequoia.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy birthday to Meghan!

My Meghan is 13 years old today. Happy birthday Meghan!

Here she is our birthday girl with her desired breakfast of German pancakes.

Here is the birthday girl with the chef of the morning. Thanks Dassa for making your sisters favorite breakfast food for her.